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Mark Noll shared this incredible customized violin made for a fundraiser.  He explains, “Cantebury School purchased a dozen violins for their Suzuki Music Program. The violins were unusable and not able to be returned. The Florida Craftsman Gallery asked artists to transform them into pieces of art to be auctioned off, with the proceeds befitting the Music Program. The violins will be auctioned in an on-going silent auction both at the Gallery and on the website. Bids will be taken from July 18th to August 23rd. 100% goes to buy new instruments for the kids”

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jayxnelly violin porn!

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Fuck that was Brie?


Seriously, Stardust is every Riddler incarnation short of The TAS and The Batman versions. And the best bit is, Cody’s a huge comic book geek, so you KNOW he’s doing it on purpose.

I really want to know what Cody’s wife said the first time she saw him as stardust.


Could we please get an AJ/Stephanie feud?

This shit is probably what Stephanie has to deal with her and HHH’s kids at home.

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I’m ‘bout to chokeslam all those fuckers chanting CM punk.

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